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Week 7 Activity 1

Title: Hull-House Maps and Papers: A Presentation of Nationalities and Wages in a Congested District of Chicago, together with comments and essays on problems growing out of social conditions

Subject:   district of Chicago, maps,  Chicago

Description: The Hull-House Maps and Papers Nationality Maps illustrate the ethnic and racial diversity that existed in the neighborhood just east of Hull-House.

Creator: Hull-House Residents

Source: Hull-House Maps and Papers

Publisher: New York: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.

Date: 1895

Contributor: Reprinted by Chicago Neighborhood History Project

Rights: Hull-House Maps and Papers, New York: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.

Relation:  Map No. 5 Stock Yard & Hyde Park District of Chicago, Showing Distribution of Foreign Population and Child Mortality in A.D. 1898

Format: PDF

Language: English

Type: Map, still image

Identifier: none

Coverage: 1889-1963


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