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  1. Your research question: “I am studying Vietnamese immigration, because I want to find out how/why the immigrants from pre and post-Vietnam war come and settled in the USA , in order to understand how/why/what their affect is on the communities around them.”

    Refugees from Indochina HR 6755

    This bill was brought before the House committee on the issue of the refugees that were coming from Indochina right after the fall of Saigon.

    Bill Summary & Status 100th Congress (1987 – 1988) H.CON.RES.360

    Bill that sought to rekindle diplomatic relationship with Vietnam and address the new immigration wave from the new country.


    This source gives us a background on Vietnamese immigration to the US. It includes maps on how and where the Vietnamese populations are concentrated.

    Chuong, Chung Hoan and Minh Hoa Ta. 2003. “Vietnamese Americans” Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America. <; (September 20, 2013).

    The authors are Vietnamese themselves. The background and estimated amount of immigrants coming from Vietnam are discussed. The cause and effect is mentioned. There is also a part of the effect of the immigration wave on US economy and culture.

    Povell, Marc. 2005. ” The American Immigration Law Foundation: The History of Vietnamese Immigration”. (September 20, 2013).

    More background about the Vietnamese immigrant waves. The author is not Vietnamese. He discusses the first wave,  war refugees. The second wave was filled with disgruntled post-war immigrants. There is also information about how spread out Vietnamese communities are, and the geographical locations that they prefer.


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