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Activity 1+2 Week 13

The multitude of Vietnamese immigrants after the Vietnam War was due to the new communist government in power. These refugees took to the sea in small boats to seek asylum from various nation states. The Republic’s former ally, the United States, was a popular destination. The wave of refugees would have political, cultural, and economic impact on their new home.

The plan is to use the textual background from the secondary to explain the recordings and photos. I plan on interviewing people, and setting up individual pages for each interview.

The significance of this project is to give the background on how these immigrants and their families came to be here. Most people around the region have been raised up with their own background, not expanding to learn about others. This was set up to show that these immigrants didn’t just simply “show up”. There was a series of events and obstacles and perils to crossing the sea to arrive in a new land. It seeks to give a better look to the term “fresh off the boat”.


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4 responses to “Activity 1+2 Week 13

  1. eedwar11

    Hey! I know i have just recently become familiar with your topic, but from what I’ve heard from you in class and see on your blog, you seem to have a pretty good idea about where your research is going. I think perhaps including a bit more about maps and visual data would be a great next step. I really like your idea about interviewing people. I am actually a little jealous that i cannot do the same for my project. I have always felt that interviews really make a research project turn from boring to personal. You might also want to really delve into the “why” part of your project and perhaps explain it in a little more detail. I know for one that as my research continues, my “why” seems to keep evolving. Really enjoyed reading about your project!

  2. bnguye26

    Our topics are very similar so I feel that I can understand the reasoning and intent behind this research. Interviewing Vietnamese people who have immigrated seems like it will be very effective because those people are themselves primary sources. I think when you acquire some visual data such as maps and graphs, it will make the topic stronger.

  3. I like what the theme of your project is, it seems like you still need to get some sources and visualizations as i do, but it also seems like you have a good idea on where to get those sources just dont take too long to get them because it seems like building the website will a little time consuming. So good luck to you and your project.

  4. idoganca

    Hi! I guess the only topics that are similar in our group is yours and Ben’s. But what each of you focused on is different, which is really good. You sound like you know where you want your project to go. I would agree with Emily finding out more about why this topic is important, and why you chose to research this in the first place. Maybe your conversations with your interviewees can help you find that out. You could also expand on how these refugees had political, cultural, and economic impact in the US.

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